Board of Directors

Board Member Responsibilities

Note: If you are interested in volunteering with Gertrude Press or possibly serving on its Board of Directors, please contact the Board President, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Board members provide leadership, direction, ideas, energy, effort, and hours to the on-going commitments of Gertrude Press. The board is a "working board" as is suggested above and includes:

Leadership by Representation to the Community

Each board member is expected to understand and to be able when required to articulate the mission and goals of Gertrude Press to the community at large including potential donors, businesses, public agencies, associates and friends.

Leadership by Fundraising

Board Members are expected to make every effort in raising funds for Gertrude Press. This includes the solicitation of any and all resources which are known to the board member that may produce funds and/or submissions for Gertrude Press and Journal. Board Members are encouraged to assist in the procurement of one major gift (defined as $100 or more) to Gertrude Press during their tenure as a board member.

Leadership by Giving

Each board member is expected to make a personal financial or time contribution to Gertrude Press on an annual basis commensurate with their financial or personal commitment situation. An annual gift, an in-kind contribution, or extraordinary time commitment is suggested.

Leadership by Attending the Annual Board Retreat

All board members are required to attend the annual retreat unless emergency or illness intervene. Planning, Policy and Direction for the coming year are discussed and determined at this retreat. Input from all board members is needed for the continued successful operation of the Press.

Leadership by Monthly Board Meeting Attendance

It is expected that board members attend 9 out of 12 annual meetings in order to maintain their seat on the board.

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