Issue 21

Issue 21

of Gertrude Journal is now available.

Art by Daniel Barrow and writing by Kristi Carter, Douglas Cole, Holly Day, Jeff Golomb, Joshua R. Helms, Megan Kruse, Martha Lundin, Freesia McKee, Michael Montlack, Nancy Carol Moody, Robby Nadler, Simon Perchik, Thomas Pickarski, M.M. Pryor, Ron Riekki, Ryan Anthony Rogers, Nicole Santalucia, Lela Scott MacNeil, and Per Wiger.

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Video Spotlight: Daniel Barrow

Daniel Barrow's artwork appears in Issue 21 of Gertrude.

Featured Review: Eloise Klein Healy

Gertrude is pleased to feature a review of poet Eloise Klein Healy's A Wild Surmise: New and Selected Poems and Recordings in our current issue.

Healy's work is reviewed by Gertude's new poetry editor, Allison Tobey. A Wild Surmise includes nearly four decades of old favorites, new poetry, and also makes use of QR code technology to offer accompanying audio recordings. It is a rich work, receiving Tobey's unabashed stamp of approval: "if you want to be inspired, whether as a writer or just as a person—read this book." Read the review from Issue 20 now »

Chapbooks: What People Are Saying

The 2013 chapbooks have been published and are now available for purchase. Here's what reviewers are saying about this year's winners:

"I enjoyed these stories. I see in them also promise of good things to come.”
- Tom Abrams, author of Goya's Head

The Ghost the Night Becomes
"Reading these poems is like listening to the blues while driving alone at night down some lost country road. The Ghost the Night Becomes entwines sex and desire, violence and loss, in unforgettable, haunting ways. The poems are tender and deeply human, and the language is lush. Stewart’s elegies follow you like ghosts 'wrist-bound to one another.'”
- Ansel Elkins, author of Blue Yodel

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Art by Daniel Barrow

  • Eyedrops and Computer
    Eyedrops and Computer
  • I Can't Stop Looking At You
    I Can't Stop Looking At You
  • Gay Secrete (Self-Portrait)
    Gay Secrete (Self-Portrait)
  • Therapist
  • Thief of Mirrors
    Thief of Mirrors
  • Trashspy
  • Looking for Love in the Hall of Mirrors
    Looking for Love in the Hall of Mirrors
  • Toilet Stall
    Toilet Stall
  • Kiss Me Before I Die
    Kiss Me Before I Die

Congrats to Chapbook Winners

Vertigo  The Ghost the Night Becomes


Fiction: Vertigo by Michael Cuglietta
Poetry: The Ghost the Night Becomes by Darius Stewart


The 2015 chapbook contest is now open. Stay tuned for announcement of the 2014 winners!

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